SALIM SUKSES SARANA is a modern company engaged in Furniture that stands based on lofty ideals to protect and bring material and spiritual change for the better, for all levels of management and employees. Make a real contribution and inspire the people of Jepara Regency in general, to bring the name of NKRI in the international world.


To be the best national and international scale company in providing smart solutions for interior and exterior wood products.


  1. Contribute to the development of wood processing methods and managerial furniture production, especially in the city of Jepara.
  2. Participate in increasing the quality and quantity of original Jepara furniture products.
  3. Inspire and foster Jepara furniture craftsmen to be able to improve the quality of their products.
  4. Providing solutions for the community to be able to have quality furniture products at competitive prices.
  5. Help increase regional income tax and industrial sectors.
  6. Creating real social welfare for employees and the environment, Mlonggo District and Jepara Regency in particular.

Company Ideology & Culture

Armed with Knowledge, Love and Compassion, Wholeheartedly carrying out God's mandate according to its role based on Sidiq, Amanah, Tabligh, Fathonah ..

Company Motto

Growing Intact in Affection


Why must SALIM SUKSES SARANA, because;

  1. A modern company that makes wood products with high quality standards that are able to compete in national and international markets in the era of globalization, and uphold local wisdom.
  2. A modern company that makes wood products based on Information Technology (IT) and a managerial data base system, long term and inspiring.
  3. A place for developing a reliable HR character in a high capacity and productivity that is capable of competitiveness.
  4. A place to develop creativity and art in wood processing and production.
  5. A place to learn to build morality, leadership in organization.

Brand Product

Jatiwood Furniture, “Jangan Ragukan Imaginasimu” (Do Not Doubt Your Imagination)
Compact furniture furniture with modern contemporary design, themed Youth Elegant, made from Solid Teak wood material combined with Muttipleks and MDF, semi knockdown system.

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